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Playground and Recess

Children should not be on the school playground before 8:30 am. The playground will be supervised between 8:30-8:45. Students should go directly home at the end of the school day. If it is raining or snowing, children should go to the cafeteria or gym upon their arrival at school.


Morning, afternoon and lunch recesses are scheduled for 15 minutes daily.


Playground and Equipment Rules


  • one student per swing
  • stay at least 10 feet away from swings in use
  • stay off the support bars
  • stop the swing before getting off
  • keep the chains straight
  • swing in the sitting position only
  • children should not push other children

Climbing Equipment:

  • stay off the tops of bars
  • keep other students safe by leaving them alone when they are climbing
  • use both hands at all times
  • no cherry drops


  • one child on the slide at a time
  • keep hands and body inside the slide
  • no climbing up the slide
  • slide down feet first only
  • no jumping off the slide



Balls which fall outside the playground fence must be retrieved by an adult. Rock, dirt, and snowball throwing is prohibited.


Cafeteria food cannot be taken out of the cafeteria. Food (popcorn, bake sale goods, etc.) taken outside may be eaten only in the patio area between the cafeteria and the gym.


Campus Area Usage

Children may play only on the playground. Unless directly supervised, children may NOT be in:

  • the primary patio area
  • the kindergarten quadrangle
  • the courtyard
  • the parking lots
  • the front lawn
  • the workroom

Students may not at any time enter:

  • adult/faculty restrooms
  • custodial closets
  • storage rooms
  • staff lounge

Children will walk when they move from one area to another.

Restrooms will be used only for their intended purpose.