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Dress Code

The Board of Education expects dress and grooming to reflect high standards and promote a positive, safe, and healthy atmosphere within the school. Student dress may not present a health or safety hazard, violate municipal or state law, or present a potential for disruption to the instructional program.

School dress should be comfortable, functional (warm in cold weather and cool in warm weather) and generally based on good taste. Clothing that is worn to draw attention to one’s self should be avoided.

Students may not wear/have:

  • short shorts (inseams should be 4” or longer)
  • halter tops, low cut or off the shoulder blouses, or spaghetti straps
  • excessively tight or revealing clothing
  • clothing with vulgar slogans or pictures
  • clothing which advertises, displays, or promotes any drug, including alcohol or tobacco, sexual activity, violence, disrespect, and/or bigotry towards any group
  • gang associated clothing
  • chains, spiked jewelry, clothing related to or displaying satanic or violent symbols or pictures
  • excessively long belts
  • tank tops with oversized arm holes
  • visible tattos, including non-permanent tattoos
  • visible piercings other than ears
  • hair with unnatural colors; i.e., green, blue, orange, etc.
  • pants worn lower than 2’ below the navel
  • excessively baggy pants or pants with low hanging crotches
  • tight shorts or spandex shorts unless worn with a top long enough to reach the tips of their fingers.
  • Hats/caps, visors, or sunglasses may not be worn inside buildings, except when there are specific instructional, safety, religious, or medical reasons.
  • make-up or false/acrylic nails
  • clothing that allows bare skin to be exposed at the waist or allows undergarments to be exposed
  • Mohawk Hair Cuts – Faux Cuts that are 1” long or less are appropriate

Students who violate the dress code will be asked to:

  • turn shirts which are objectionable inside out
  • wear an overshirt which will be provided by the school for one day
  • not wear the same clothing to school again
  • wash out non-permanent hair color at school or home
  • dye hair to natural color if permanent hair color is used
  • wash off make-up

Parents will be contacted in the case of violations of the dress code.